Dies not only make your crafting process more convenient, but they also open a whole new world of crafting techniques, and possibilities for card making, scrapbooking, journaling and other paper crafting projects.

Die cutting is the process of cutting thin material into shapes with the implementation of a die.

Die cutting is used in processes in the manufacturing industry to create products that we use in our everyday lives, such as cutting metal, rubber, plastic and even templates for cardboard boxes. 

The home crafter and card maker use small die cutting machines that are sold with a collection of plates, used in different combinations depending on the technique.  The pressure of the die against the paper as it passes through a die cut machine is what cuts out the desired shape. We will talk more about die cutting machines in a later article.

Wafer-thin crafting dies are the most popular choice as they are more affordable and do not have a sharp cutting edge, making them safe to use at home.

Crafting dies are available as stand-alone dies, to cut nesting shapes such as circles, rectangles or squares, sentiments or words, cover backgrounds, shapes and numbers and even 3D projects.  Very often, dies are sold in coordination with stamp sets, so that you can cut out your stamped images with ease.

Word Dies:

diesmerry Christmas

3D Dies:


Nesting Dies:


Number Dies:


Cover/Background Dies:


Coordinated Stamp and Die Sets:



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